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Shell Gadinia S3 30

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Size: 55AG

Shell Gadinia S3, our latest trunk piston engine oil, has been developed to reduce oil consumption in modern engines burning distillate fuels by controlling liner lacquering. It is also versatile, thereby helping to simplify operations through its wide range of non-engine shipboard applications.

 Rising pressures

The latest engines that burn distillate fuels are designed to
be fuel-efficient. This gives them higher brake mean effective pressures and operating temperatures, which can severely reduce oil life and lead to higher costs associated with more- frequent oil changes and/or liner lacquering and wear.

Better protection

Shell Gadinia S3 offers excellent wear protection and controls liner lacquering for improved oil consumption. Engine deposits can increase the frequency of maintenance and, ultimately, limit vessel availability. The detergent and dispersant additive technologies found in Shell Gadinia S3 help to keep your engine clean. They can help to reduce maintenance requirements by offering

  • Improved cleanliness for pistons, piston undercrowns, piston ring belts and crankcases
  • Longer filter life
  • Less fuel pump sticking
  • Improved lacquer control.

Simplifying operations

With a complete set of non-engine approvals, Shell Gadinia S3 can be used in multiple applications, including stern tubes
and gearboxes. This versatility can help to simplify operations, thereby reducing the number of different lubricants that need to be ordered, stored and applied. This is particularly useful for smaller vessels with limited deck space.


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